0.9° size 57mm high torque hybrid stepping motor

Model No.:
high torque

Product Features

1) high torque DC Motor.

2) stepping motor.

Product Description

1)Type:hybrid stepping DC Motor
2)Stepping angle:0.9°
3)Step Angle accuracy:±5%(full step, no load)

4)Resistance accuracy:±10%(@20℃)

5)Inductance accuracy:±20%(1KHz)

6)Temperature Rise:80 ℃ Max.(Rated current, 2 phase on)

7)Ambient Temperture:-20℃-+50℃
8)Insulation Resistance:100MΩMin.,500VDC
9)Max radial force:75N (20mm from the flange)

10)Max axial force:15N

11)Dielectric strength:500VAC for one minute

12)Insulation resistance:100MΩMin.,500VDC

Note: These are only the typical technical data for reference, other specification such as voltage, speed, torque, shaft length can be customized.

Product Information

Dimension of motor:56.4*56.4*Length  mm
Length of motor:41/56/76mm
Color: black & silver

Quotation Information

Price Range:$31- $80 per piece
Minimum Order Quantity:100 pieces
Lead time:30 days

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