For Car Seat or Massage Products Micro Air Pump

Model No.:
CB- PUMP134C32B-530B

Product Features

1) Suitable for Car seat air pump,Medical instrument,Massage products.
2) Designed & supplied by CHINABASE, NdFeb magnetic tile and Anti interference magnetic ring.
3) Smaller size, Bigger Flow pressure, Bigger Air Pressure.

Product Description

1)Type:Brushed Micro Pump
2)Motor Type:Brushed
3)Construction:Permanent Magnet
4)Max.Air Pressure:≧80kPa
5)Working Current:≦600mA
6)Flow pressure:≧4.5L/min
11)Efficiency:IE 1
13)Note: These are only the typical technical data for reference, other specification such as voltage, Flow pressure, Air Pressure can be customized.

Product Information

Diameter of pump:30.5mm
Length of pump:64.9mm
Color: Silver and white

Quotation Information

Price Range:$1-$10 per piece
Minimum Order Quantity:1000 pieces
Lead time:30 days

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