Two linear actuators with the same controller

Model No.:
Two linear actuators with the same controller

Product Features:

1) Large thrust up to 6000N                    

2) Low noise                                                                        

3) High quality aluminum alloy material                                                  

4) Color: Silver

Product Description:

1) Input voltage:220-240VAC 50Hz/100-120VAC 60Hz                                                              

2) Output voltage:24VDC or 12VDC

3) Max current:2.5A                                                              

4) Working model:must stop for 18minutes after two minutes continous working               5) Tempeture:-5°C-40°C                                          

6) Protection:IP51                                                                        

7) The control box has overload protection function  

Product information:

Colour:sliver gray

Quotation information:

Price Range: $16.9- $45
Minimum Order Quantity: 50pcs
Lead Time: 25days

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