1w G4 LED bulb

Model No.:
1w G4 LED bulb


1.This LED Corn Bulb is adopted IC Solution, Constant Current Output Driver, safe and stable.

2.High Energy Efficiency: Low Power consumption, energy saving

3.The Voltage is AC/DC 12V.

4.Energy-saving and Eco-friendly. This small-size LED Corn bulb is adopted the super power, to make sure its bright lighting.

5.Low power consumption. Using 1 watts for up to 100-120LM lumens of brightness.

6.High Efficient LEDs. The Operating Temperature of this LED Corn Bulb can achieve much wider range, from -25 ℃ to 65 ℃.

7.Longer Lifetime and Best Guarantee. Long life-span, up to 20,000 hours. With 2-year Warranty and CE certificate.

8.Made of high quality material, higher light luminous efficacy, better heat dissipation.

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