Fun And Interactive LED Lashes

Model No.:
Fun And Interactive LED Lashes

Product Features

1) the battery can work up to 100 hours.

2) Safe and Stable. Microcomputer program control. Low color temperature. no harm to eyes.

3) Luminous smooth, dynamic, section for the beautiful.

4) 7 Flash modes key to switch.

5) Micro current never heat.

6) With a safe waterproof function, make-up do not lose heart leakage.

7) Unique clip-type fixed - any fixed wood problem.

8) Weight 5.5 grams light as feathers - free dance will not fall off.

Product Description


1) Output: 10mAh

2) Voltage: 5V

3) Power: 0.1W

4) Utility time: 100hours

5) Power consumption standby time: 1 year

6) OEM welcome

How To Use

Press the switch button on, press the switch button three seconds off, with 7 different setting as follows: Liquid four, Twilight Sparkle. Hyper Burst, Dcuble liquid Pour, Knigth Riding. Endless Winkle, Rotate first effect, Sound Activated Function. The product will turn off automatically after 10hours.

Product Information

Color Selection

Bright White, Cold White, Bright Light Pink, Bule available.

Customize LED color welcome

Package Content

1) LED lashed remote control: 2pc Cr1632 batteries included;

2) LED lashed (left+right) in the choice of available color

3) One hair clip

4) Weight: 26g

Quotation Information

Price Range: $2 - $5 per piece

Minimum Order Quantity: 200 pieces

Lead Time: 30 days

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