Alexa Smart Plug EU Remote Control Wifi Wireless Timing Smart Socket for Smart Home

Model No.:
Alexa Smart Plug,Works with Amazon Alexa Echo Dot,Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

Product Features

1)Power consumption Monitor and statistic,Save Energy and Reduce Costs for your life
2)Support a variety of frequency band wireless network
3)Support smart connection Wi-Fi network, quickly complete the settings
4)Support status tracking, online understanding of energy consumption of electricity equipment
5)Supports up to 150 scheduled tasks in one time
6)One APP can connect all the plugs without limitation
7)The fastest time to reach the destination, experience the smart socket to bring your life fun!

Product specification

Wi-Fi Power Plug
A Simple and Stylish Smart Plug:
Smart plugs connect electrical equipment to Wi-Fi, control all electrical equipment at any time via 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi at any location.
A simple timer function, you can protect the equipment safety, and can also control your excessive use of electricity.
Working voltage: AC 110~240V
Max power: 2000W/3200W (resistance loading)
Working current: Max 10A/16A
Material: ABS flame retarding polymer
Plug Standard: EU ( the AU, US, UK,FR plug for your country are also optional)
Power consuming: ≤0.3W
Working temperature: -20 ~ 45℃ (-4 ~ 113℉)
Working Humidity: ≤80%
Radio signal power: 1mW
Radio protocol: Wi-Fi
Radio rate: 30 meter indoor
Radio rate: 50 meter outdoor, depens on building materials and structures.

Product package

Smart Plug with Original Package: 50PCS/CTN,
Customized Package: by your requirments Packing:
Color: Black/White
Each product owns individual safe package. We accept OEM design package style as you wish.

Quotation Information

Price Range: $5- $14 per piece

Minimum Order Quantity: 100 pieces

Lead Time: 15 days

Product Details

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