USB type c male to RJ45(cat6)+usb3.0*3p HUB

Model No.:
1000M transmission rate

Product Features

Electrical Testing(Type c)

1) In line with ROHS, REACHJ new material environmental control standards.

2) 100% open circuit, short circuit test & dislocation

3) Insulation resistance: 2M-ohm at DC100V

4) Conduction impedance: 2 ohm Max.

5) Compressive strength: 100V AC/ minutes, 0.5mA Max

6) Pressure drop test: VBUS power supply (A4.B4.A9.B9) 500mV Max; GND ground wire: (A1, A12, B1, B12) 250mV Max.

Mechanical properties testing (TYPE-C)

1) Four axis break and torsion / side stress test: in accordance with the requirements of the Association

2) USB C Type insertion force test: 5N-20N, at, 12.5mm/min, rate; (as required by the Association) Pullout test: 8N-20N, at, 12.5mm/min, rate, 10000 times after 6N-20N

3) four axis transient test: the use of push pull meter in the distance from the jig 15mm model position, the positive side with 20N (side with 8N) force applied to four surfaces.

Transmission and power supply

1) Rated power: 12V@3A 36W;Transmission frequency:5Gbps

2) Network transmission frequency: 250MHZ, transmission rate: 1000MHZ

Product Description

1) Connector 1:USB 3.1 TYPE C integrated iron nickel natural rubber core PIN gold plated with PC
needle plate GND+5.1K resistance +10NF capacitance

2) Connector 2:RJ45(cat6)+usb3.0*3p, USB 3.1 TYPE C TO RJ45 PCBA (IC: VL813+RTL8153) Gigabit Ethernet iron nickel black rubber core3) TYPE C SHELL:USB 3.1, TYPE-C black aluminum shell, L20*W12.1*H6.1MM, no print, rear wash groove

3) TYPE C CABLE.: USB 3.0 (32#(7/0.08T)*1P+D(7/0.08T)+AL+MY)*2P+32#(7/0.08T)*1P+24#(7/0.2T)*2C+F+AB(16/8/0.12TC), OD: :3.8MM TPE White without print

4) HUB  SHELL:Two side black aluminum case with 3 USB AF holes without lettering at both ends

5) Inner Molding:LDPE endometrial material
6) Over Molding:90A (40P) TPE black plug glue environmental protection

7) Front shield :Two general aluminum shell special RJ45 F ABS before the white head square head

8) Rear bumper :Two general public RJ45 F aluminum shell head square white ABS head

9) Package:Aluminum foil bag, size according to customer requirements

10) Imprint: imprint is available

11) OEM welcome

Product Information

Length: 100mm+/-10mm

Weight: 0.062kg

Color: black

Quotation Information

Price Range: $12.86 - $30per piece

Minimum Order Quantity: 500 pieces

Lead Time: 25 days

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