High Speed V1.4 HDMI Cable with metal plug

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30AWG | All Metal Construction | Gold-Plated Connectors | 4k | 3D TV

HDMI Cable

Our High Speed HDMI Cable surpasses all current requirements delivering 1080P+ resolution, 3D TV, Deep Color, 600 MHz refresh rate, and is Ethernet ready. All metal construction with reinforced connections ensure that this cable will last a lifetime. The Elite Core maximizes signal integrity, fidelity, and clarity allowing our cables to be run further without amplification. Our deluxe Cyber-Mesh jacket supports and protects the core from damage during installation.


High Speed HDMI with Ethernet

Elite Core preserves fidelity for the longest runs possible

Cyber-Mesh jacket

All metal construction

4k resolution

48 bit deep color

3D ready

Gold-plated connectors

600 Mhz refresh rate support

18 Gbits/s Bandwidth

CL2 rated jacket

30 AWG

90 degree bend radius

Lifetime Warrenty

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